In a couple days I am going to get on a plane to Tokyo. Most of my luggage is already packed because I am one of these people. I really need to hold myself back not to pack weeks before I go somewhere. But this time everything is a bit different than usual. Thinking about what is going on at the moment makes me feel so happy and excited. A year ago on March 25th of 2015, I got married in Higashi-Ōme, in Tokyo, Japan. And now Ben and I are going back to Tokyo on holiday to visit his family, which will probably be the last time before we move there.

For Ben, it is returning back home. For me, who always experienced Japan as a visitor, I am very excited to get to know daily life there! I am looking forward to learning about the culture, the language, enjoying japanese cuisine everyday (including my all time konbini favourite, 7 eleven!), visiting all the matsuri and so much more.

But for now I am focused on my vacation because it will be something very special as well. Ben’s family from the US, whom I haven’t met in person yet, will arrive just a couple hours after we do! We’ve spoken on Skype a bunch of times but meeting face to face is something different. I hope they don’t think I am crazy!

Needless to say, the two weeks we are going to be there will be packed with a bunch of amazing things we are planning to do like visiting the one and only Fujisan, enjoying the sea at Enoshima, singing at Karaoke until sunrise and (at least for me) eating all the good food. The traditional stuff, the fast food, the candy, everything! And of course capturing all these moments for later with my camera.

That’s it for now, I think I’m going to go repack my luggage for the umpteenth time. I’ll try to update soon. Bye.